The quicker a spill is treated the better. Wet spills should be blotted immediately with clean paper towel until all moisture is removed. Do not rub the spill. As a general rule most spills can then be flushed out with a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and luke warm water. The process should be repeated with flushing and blotting until there is no longer any transfer onto the blotting towel.

Small stains on the carpet can generally be removed with Benzine on a clean towel. Always do a test in a place where it will not be seen.

For more complex stains or spills we suggest an internet search specific to your situation.


A variety of new underlays are available from residential or commercial foam, to the latest cost efficient anti-allergenic Spillguard foam, for those who suffer from allergies such as dust etc. Recycled rubber underlays are also available. The traditional shredded material underlays are available but are becoming less popular.


Flooring Projects will inspect the condition of the floor before installation and assess what needs to be done. Major structural failure of screed will have to be done by a builder but minor cracks or imperfections can be filled by us. When a product requires a very smooth surface, such as LVT or Vinyl, a self-leveling screed will be applied by us. Moisture barriers can also be applied.

All carpets in South Africa are graded according to location. ie residential, light commercial, medium commercial or heavy commercial. As a rule of thumb it is always better to choose a carpet from a higher location grade.

It is recommended using a see through acrylic chair mat under all roller castor chairs to prolong the life of the carpet. These are available from Flooring Projects.

It is recommended to have good dirt trapper walk off mats at all entrances to reduce the amount of walked-in dirt onto your carpet. These should be cleaned regularly. Regular vacuuming, particularly the high traffic areas at entrances and doorways will extend the life of your carpet. Immediate attention should be paid to spills and soiling. Annual hot water extraction (steam cleaning) is suggested. A reputable professional is recommended to ensure the correct use of cleaning detergents etc.

Laminate Flooring
Laminate flooring is made from four layers compressed under intense pressure. A top transparent wear layer protects the pattern layer beneath, which features the photographic texture of wood. Then, a substrate layer of high-density fibreboard and a backing layer to protect from moisture and warping.




Luxury Vinyl Planks
Luxury vinyl planks are the latest addition to our flooring range and offers authentic, natural looking flooring designs and textures at a lower price than real wood. Its moisture resistant properties also makes it a perfect option for kitchens and bathrooms.